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Mackenzie River Class HHERA - Navigational Aid Stations
Principal Investigator: Wright, Greg T
Licensed Year(s): 2018
Summary: The objective of this project is to identify for closures sites with no unacceptable risks and to develop an action plan for additional work for any sites that cannot be closed. Twenty-two sites will be visited to collect soil, surface water (where available) and vegetation samples to determine levels of previously identified contaminants of concern. The work plan for each site involves soil, s...

Phase III Environmental Site Assessment - West Bay Mine
Principal Investigator: Wright, Greg T
Licensed Year(s): 2009
Summary: The objectives of the assessment are to collect sufficient soil, sediment and surface water samples in order to characterize the site and to determine areas that require remediation. Samples of the waste rock piles will also be evaluated to determine the potential for acid rock drainage. After the completion of the field program, a risk assessment will be completed to Health Canada protocols in ...