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Chronology of thaw flow and geochemistry of associated massive ground ice. Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories.
Principal Investigator: CLARK, Ian D.
Licensed Year(s): 2011 2010
Summary: The main goal of this project is to determine the distribution, nature and origin of thaw flows and the associated massive ground ice bodies in Fort McPherson region, Northwest Territories. This study will use sedimentological analyses and radiocarbon datation to determine the nature and age of sediment in which massive ice is included. Radardsat 2 image from the summer 2009 will be used to eva...

Paleo-hydrology in the Arctic
Principal Investigator: CLARK, Ian D.
Licensed Year(s): 2000 1999
Summary: The objective of this project is to observe and collect rock specimens from limestone outcrop sites. These samples will be used to interpret groundwater flow systems that occurred in the Arctic in the past when the climate was much warmer. Several sites will be visited for the purpose of examining and collecting rock specimens along the Dempster highway south of Inuvik. Two day trips west of Akla...

Water Quality in the Richardson Mountain catchments
Principal Investigator: CLARK, Ian D.
Licensed Year(s): 1997
Summary: The objectives of this research are to study the chemistry of the groundwaters that flow into the Little Fish River near the Cache Creek overwintering hole. The role of carbonate rocks is important as there is a lot of subsurface flow in this rock type. The presence of the aufeis (winter icing) on Cache Creek is a sign of groundwater flow, and is one of the reasons that this site was chosen. We...