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Geoscience Tools for Supporting Environmental Risk Assessment of Metal Mining
Principal Investigator: Galloway, Jennifer
Licensed Year(s): 2016
Summary: This project will focus on providing baseline information for areas of high resource potential. In areas of past land use and soon to be developed areas in the Slave Geological Province, the project will generate new spatial and temporal data on changing geochemical, permafrost, ecological and climate data for the past 1000 years. This data will be integrated with Traditional Ecological Knowledge ...

Climate Change in the Central Northwest Territories - A Paleolimnological Analysis
Principal Investigator: Galloway, Jennifer
Licensed Year(s): 2009
Summary: This licence is issued for the scientific research application #932. The goal of this multi-disciplinary paleolimnological study will be employed to describe and further understand regional climate conditions, fire history, and ice cover duration spanning the past ~2000 years in the central Northwest Territories. The targeted study area is the southern portion of the Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winte...