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Developing a Cultural Safety Intervention for Clinicians: A Pilot Study
Principal Investigator: Hall, Karen
Licensed Year(s): 2015
Summary: This research involves a process evaluation of the pilot intervention. The research objectives are: (1) to assess the process of the pilot intervention, and (2) to make recommendations to the intervention’s design, content, and delivery based on pilot findings and analysis. The research questions are: 1. How do clinicians experience or respond to the design, content and delivery of the pil...

Jane Glassco Arctic Fellows
Principal Investigator: Hall, Karen
Licensed Year(s): 2012
Summary: The objective of this research is to understand and identify factors that have influenced certain Northerner’s positive contributions to their communities. This research specifically aims to identify the various social and learning environments of northerner’s that have led to their successes within the community. Data will be collected through a qualitative approach, using one-on-one or teleph...

Cultural Safety: Respecting Aboriginal Perspectives in a Health Care Setting
Principal Investigator: Hall, Karen
Licensed Year(s): 2009
Summary: The goal of this research is to help Yellowknife Health and Social Services Authority become a leader and model for the integration of culturally safe health care practices. This study also serves to increase health care workers' sensitivity to many of the cultural issues that are specific to the Aboriginal populations living in Yellowknife, thus raising awareness of the importance of fostering an...