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Hybrid knowledge in practice: Engaging Aboriginal youth in environmental governance in Northern Canada.
Principal Investigator: Caine, Ken J
Licensed Year(s): 2017
Summary: In this exploration of youth environmental knowledge the research team ask, how do Délinegotine youth understand, express and apply knowledge that is simultaneously derived from Dene traditional knowledge and school-based science studies? This study is a qualitative exploration of how northern Aboriginal youth in Déline, NT navigate both western science and traditional knowledge in schools and com...

Land Use as Management: Re-imagining the Déline Renewable Resource Council in an Aboriginal Self-Government Era
Principal Investigator: Caine, Ken J
Licensed Year(s): 2010
Summary: This project builds upon doctoral research with the Déline Land Corporation and Déline Renewable Resource Council (DRRC) on the Great Bear Lake Watershed Management Plan (GBLMP) and protection of the Saoyú/?ehdacho Aboriginal cultural landscape. More broadly, this research is also a continuation of a collaborative, community-based management and research. Through a process of preliminary field-wor...