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Geochemical and Isotopic Constraints on Mesoproterozoic Ocean Chemistry
Principal Investigator: Kah, Linda
Licensed Year(s): 1998
Summary: Our goals will be achieved through a multidisciplinary study integrating depositional, diagenetic, and geochemical information into a single comprehensive framework. Over a single field season we will measure stratigraphic thickness of outcrops in the Dismal Lakes Group, Coppermine homocline, NWT and collect small (hand sized) samples from a wide range of different rock types that represent differ...

Carbonate precipitation in the Mesproterozoic Society Cliffs Formation, Bylot Supergroup, on northern Baffin Island
Principal Investigator: Kah, Linda
Licensed Year(s): 1994 1993
Summary: Characteristics of ancient sediments reveal information about the chemical, biological and physical environment within which these sediments were formed. By studying the patterns of rocks found in the north Baffin area, I hope to discover how much of the formation of these rocks was due to the algae that lived in ancient oceans, and how much was due to the chemical makeup of the water. The resea...