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Planning for Climate Change Impacts on the Aquatic Ecosystems of Great Bear Lake and its Watershed
Principal Investigator: Nesbitt, Lorien
Licensed Year(s): 2011
Summary: The organizations leading this project represent claim participants in the Deline District. The project will thus be directed by organizations representing the local community, such as the Déline First Nation (DFN), and The Déline Renewable Resources Council (DRRC). The objectives of this research project are: a. to develop a research gap analysis and climate change vulnerability assessment f...

Edaiila Traditional Ecological Knowledge Study
Principal Investigator: Nesbitt, Lorien
Licensed Year(s): 2008
Summary: The objectives of this project are: (1)To collect traditional ecological knowledge of Edaiila with the elders of Déline; (2)To present this knowledge as a description of the current and historical ecology of Edaiila and as a rationale, from the Déline elders' perspective, for the protection of Edaiila under the NWT Protected Areas Strategy or, alternatively, under the Sahtu Land Use Plan. Charl...