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Aulavik Oral History Project
Principal Investigator: Nagy, Murielle
Licensed Year(s): 1996
Summary: We will record interviews with Inuvialuit elders from February 19 to 25 in Inuvik; February 26 to March 7 in Sachs Harbour; March 11 - 21 in Holman. The interviews will then be translated into English and transcribed into Inuvialuktun. Interviews will resume in Tuktoyaktuk from June 10-16; in Sachs Harbour June 17-July 8; and in Inuvik from July 9-13. While in Sachs Harbour, Inuvialuit elders w...

Yukon North Slope Cultural Resources Survey
Principal Investigator: Nagy, Murielle
Licensed Year(s): 1991
Summary: In conjunction with the Inuvialuit Social Development Program, the Researchers will gather the oral history concerning the lives of Inuvialuit along the Yukon North Slope. They will document post-contact aboriginal land use as recorded in historic sites, graves, resource extraction areas, caches, look-outs, trails, place names and gathering places in the Yukon North Slope....