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Cultural Meanings of Food and Food Insecurity in Ulukhaktok, NT
Principal Investigator: Collings, Peter F
Licensed Year(s): 2016 2015 2014
Summary: The basic questions here are 1) How do residents of Ulukhaktok define "food" and "food insecurity?” What does it mean to be food secure? How do understandings of these concepts inform behavior? 2) How does country food consumption influence food insecurity? _Why_ is country food consumption critical for food security, health, and well-being? 3) What is the relationship between food consumption, fo...

The Influence of Aging, Social Structure, and Money on Subsistence Among Adult Inuit in Two Canadian Communities
Principal Investigator: Collings, Peter F
Licensed Year(s): 2007
Summary: This study is an examination of subsistence involvement among the first cohort of Inuit born and raised within the context of settlement life. The study is part of a longitudinal and comparative study of subsistence in two communities: Ulukhaktok (Northwest Territories) and Clyde River (Nunavut). In particular, the research seeks to determine the importance of a number of factors (traditional mate...

Aging and Intergenerational Family Dynamics in a Copper Inuit Community.
Principal Investigator: Collings, Peter F
Licensed Year(s): 1996
Summary: Research will be conducted in Holman from January 1 through December31, 1997. Data will be collected through a series of survey and questionnaire procedures, which will include the following: 1) a household census interview, 2) health and functionality interviews, 3) an age interview 4) life history interviews, and 5) a biweekly hunting/fishing/food sharing survey. It is expected that the researc...