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The Dubawnt Super Group
Principal Investigator: Peterson, Tony D.
Licensed Year(s): 1994
Summary: Collection of rock samples and subsequent study by examination of thin sections, geochemical analyses, and geological mapping. Work in the field is conducted by boat and foot traversing with some support by aircraft. This will be done in order to determine the geological history of Archean crystalline rocks....

Early Proterozoic Volcanism of the Baker Lake Group, District of Keewatin
Principal Investigator: Peterson, Tony D.
Licensed Year(s): 1992
Summary: The research is part of a program focussed on understanding the Proterozoic intraplate tectonics of the Churchill Province. Petrological studies of the strongly potassic volcanic rocks of the Baker Lake Group are intended to assess their potential as diamond source rocks and to investigate the history of their mantle source regions....