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A 2,000 year record of climate change from white spruce tree-rings
Principal Investigator: Porter, Trevor
Licensed Year(s): 2019
Summary: This fieldwork aims to collect ‘disk’ samples from dead trees found on the surface or partially buried in sediments. Previous research in the Campbell Dolomite Upland area reported deadwood samples dating back to AD 1060. This area is well-drained, which is the ideal environment for preserving deadwood over long periods. The research team will return to this area to search for older specimens dati...

Long-term reconstructions of cold-season climate and atmospheric Hg deposition from ice wedges in the Mackenzie Delta region
Principal Investigator: Porter, Trevor
Licensed Year(s): 2017
Summary: This purpose of this research is to better understand long-term changes in winter temperatures and atmospheric mercury (Hg) in the Mackenzie Delta area over the last 11,700 years, a period known as the Holocene. The fieldwork aims to sample 20-30 ice wedges that represent a range of Holocene time. Precipitation stable hydrogen isotopes (a temperature proxy) and elemental Hg archived in the wedge i...

Water and leaf wax isotopes in permafrost
Principal Investigator: Porter, Trevor
Licensed Year(s): 2014
Summary: The primary objectives of this research project are to collect frozen core samples from the top of permafrost and soil from the active layer. Boreal sites will be targeted. The stable isotope compositions of ice and leaf waxes from the samples will be measured. Samples collected from NWT will be added to a much larger Yukon dataset, and the relations between regional climate and the proxies will b...