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Gazelle Lake and Point Lake Preliminary Baseline Study
Principal Investigator: Bryant, Wayne
Licensed Year(s): 1998
Summary: The Gazelle environmental baseline study will include specific investigations on water/sediment quality, lake bathymetry, limnology, catchment hydrology, fisheries and fish habitat assessment. Field data collection and observations will take about two to three days. Field staff of 3 will be transported by air to Ekati from Yellowknife. From Ekati, helicopter transport will be used to drop off the...

Phase 2 Environmental Baseline Program: Aber/Kennecot Southwest Diavik Property, Lac de Gras, NWT
Principal Investigator: Bryant, Wayne
Licensed Year(s): 1996 1995
Summary: The researchers will be involved in a mult-disciplined, integrated and focused series of investigation regarding water quality, hydrology and climatology, fisheries, aquatic, wildlife, vegetation, soils and terrain, and heritage resources. Taken with complementary socio-economic, traditional knowledge and environmental management investigations, this data will be used to prepare an environmental ...