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Abandoned Mines in Northern Canada: Historical Consequences and Mitigation of Current Impacts
Principal Investigator: Sandlos, John K
Licensed Year(s): 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009
Summary: The research team will work closely with members of four NWT communities to identify the historical and continued impacts of abandoned mines adjacent to their communities. The research team will ask how mineral development impacted the social life, economic prospects and local environments of Northern communities throughout the twentieth century, considering carefully the connections between socia...

Human dimension of river resource development and transboundary water security in the Peace-Slave River Basin
Principal Investigator: Borowitz, Michelle A
Licensed Year(s): 2013 2012 2011 2010
Summary: The objectives of this study are to: - conduct collaborative and critical research that respects aboriginal knowledge; - disseminate aboriginal knowledge that authentically represents aboriginals themselves and their worldview and ways of knowing regarding their relationship to waterways and views and opinions of river resource development; - contribute to aboriginal peoples’ right to participa...

Mining and Northern Development: Towards a Historical Political Ecology
Principal Investigator: Keeling, Arn M
Licensed Year(s): 2008
Summary: This licence was issued for the application no. 811. This project aims to understand the social and environmental effects of historical mining in the Northwest Territories through historical research and visits to communities and mine sites. The researchers also hope to learn how community members can contribute their knowledge and experiences to understanding this history. In 2008, one rese...

Licence #2702
Principal Investigator: Grant, Shelagh
Licensed Year(s): 1981
Summary: To conduct a survey of local peoples' opinion on the effects of World War Ii and their perceptions of the effects of WW II and how it changed such things as health care, education and government policy. This is the background to an M.A. history thesis....