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Recovery of boreal caribou habitat after forest fires
Principal Investigator: d'Entremont, Marc
Licensed Year(s): 2020 2019 2018
Summary: This licence has been issued for the scientific research application No.4630. In 2015-2016, the Deninu Kue First Nation (DKFN) and LGL Limited completed a traditional use study on boreal caribou habitat and habitat use that incorporated traditional knowledge and scientific information in the identification of foraging habitat for boreal caribou in the South Slave region of the Northwest Territo...

Pine Point Project
Principal Investigator: Drolet, Andree
Licensed Year(s): 2019
Summary: This licence has been issued for the scientific research application No.4582. These studies are to support upcoming regulatory applications for the Pine Point Project being developed by Pine Point Mining Limited (PPML). The additional baseline studies include but are not limited to surface water quality and quantity, groundwater water quality, aquatic environment monitoring, fish and fish ha...

Wetland status, change, and seasonal inundation dynamics for assessing the vulnerability of waterfowl habitat within the ABoVE study domain
Principal Investigator: French, Nancy H
Licensed Year(s): 2019
Summary: This licence has been issued for the scientific research application No.4543. The overarching project goal is to characterize changes in waterfowl habitat using remote sensing approaches. The first objective is to create wetland type and surface inundation products (maps) for the Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) boreal region. The second objective is to assess the efficacy of remo...

Transitioning of permafrost to wetland and implications for biomass gains and losses
Principal Investigator: Chasmer, Laura E
Licensed Year(s): 2019
Summary: This licence has been issued for the scientific research application No.4527. The objectives are to: 1) Compare the distribution of tree and shrub biomass within accessible areas in the Taiga Shield and Taiga Plains landscapes using lidar remote sensing, and by developing tree and shrub vegetation biomass models from field data; 2) Characterize and compare non fire-disturbed patterns of veget...

NASA ABoVE Airborne Campaign 2019
Principal Investigator: Miller, Charles E
Licensed Year(s): 2019 2018 2017
Summary: This licence has been issued for the scientific research application No.4499. This airborne field campaign will link studies conducted on the ground with data collected through satellite remote sensing, enabling a deeper understanding of the vulnerability and resilience of these ecosystems, and how people within and beyond this region are responding to change. The ABoVE airborne campaigns can p...

Community-Based Water Quality Monitoring in the Northwest Territories
Principal Investigator: Beveridge, Meghan
Licensed Year(s): 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Summary: The purpose of the project is to work in collaboration with Northwest Territories (NWT) communities to collect water quality data to answer community concerns and questions about the health of NWT waters, to enhance understanding of cumulative impacts and to contribute to decision making. There are three associated objectives: 1) collect water quality data at locations throughout the NWT, to ...

Water Ecosystem Monitoring using Earth Observations
Principal Investigator: Chamberland, Joseph
Licensed Year(s): 2016 2015
Summary: The research project Water Ecosystems Monitoring using Earth Observation aims to define an Earth Observation (EO) driven monitoring program to provide information towards monitoring environmental indicators of northern ecosystem health. Once the project is done information on water indicators including water temperature, suspended sediment concentrations, water levels, and ice quality and will be ...

Fort Resolution Pipeline ESA I/II
Principal Investigator: Williams, Melanie
Licensed Year(s): 2015
Summary: The first objective is to conduct a combined Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments for a buried pipeline located within the municipality of Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories. The second objective is to identify any health and safety concerns associated with the buried pipe line. A records review and gap analysis will be done to synthesize the information that the research team have o...

Bioavailability and toxicity of heavy metals in the Slave River Delta, NWT
Principal Investigator: Stone, Michael
Licensed Year(s): 2004
Summary: Currently, there is no information about the bioavailability and toxicity of metals in the Slave River delta. The goal of this research is to examine metal cycling pathways in the delta and to assess the role of aquatic vegetation for metal accumulation...

Use of Ground Penetrating Radar to Assess Subsurface Sediments in the Fort Smith, Slave, Hay River and Liard Deltas
Principal Investigator: Jol, Harry M.
Licensed Year(s): 1992 1991 1990
Summary: Surveys will be conducted on the surface of the delta plains. A Pulse Ekko IV ground penetrating radar system will be used to take measurements every 1 to 2 metres using this portable system. These waves due to their frequency (50 to 200 MHz) have no affect on the environment (they are similar to FM radio waves)....