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Policy vs Practice: Perceptions and Implications off COVID 19 Responses in the Northwest Territories
Principal Investigator: Fleury, Katherine
Licensed Year(s): 2021
Summary: This licence has been issued for the scientific research application No.4869. This study aims to support evidence-informed policy changes in the future by identifying best practice responses to COVID-19 and the processes through which they were created in Canada’s Northwest Territories, understood in a matter that is reflective of the values held by community stakeholders. This project will see...

Improving the transfer of agricultural knowledge and technology in northern Canada through a technology innovation systems (TIS) approach
Principal Investigator: Seguin, Rose
Licensed Year(s): 2019
Summary: The objectives of this research is to develop a holistic framework that identifies the challenges to northern agricultural development from an environmental, technical and sociopolitical standpoint. This study will target the following research questions: 1.Which agricultural production systems are most commonly used in northern Canada? 2.What are the primary factors affecting the diffusion rate...

Integrating Mine Legacies into Decision Making for Sustainability in the Northwest Territories: An assessment of the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act
Principal Investigator: Gingras, Nathalie
Licensed Year(s): 2016
Summary: The key question to be addresses is: how to improve the assessment, regulatory and associated decision-making processes in Canada to avoid negative mine legacies and build lasting net gains. The objective of this research is to identify ways to increase the likelihood of positive mine legacies, with a focus on sustainability-based environmental assessments. This research involves semi-structure...

Valuation of Water Resources and Water Security in Northern Canada
Principal Investigator: Dobias, Jacob
Licensed Year(s): 2015
Summary: The aim of this research project is to analyze and assess the impacts of the valuation of water on water security, sustainable water management and water use in Canada. This research will focus primarily on the Northwest Territories (NWT) of Canada, and local perceptions of water security. The objective is to determine how perceptions of water security affect the establishment of sustainable domes...

In pursuit of environmental sustainability in the Arctic: The role of Arctic Council governance norms in shaping the region’s environmental governance systems.
Principal Investigator: Spence, Jennifer
Licensed Year(s): 2014
Summary: The objective of this project is to explore to what extent the governance features of the Arctic Council has influenced the way its participants work together and make decisions (governance norms) and, by extension, to what extent these governance features may have spread to the broader network of existing institutions that support environmental governance in the region. This dissertation adop...

Inuit Regional Autonomy in the Provincial and Territorial North
Principal Investigator: Wilson, Gary N
Licensed Year(s): 2015 2014
Summary: The research examines intergovernmental relations between the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR) and other levels of government (territorial, federal) and the administration of various policy areas by the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC), alone or in conjunction with other regional bodies or other levels of government. This project will compare the self-government process in the ISR to that o...

Mining a Better Future – Policies to Address Labour Force Adaptation Concerns and the Impacts of Resource Development on Isolated Communities in Nunavut
Principal Investigator: Goelman, Nadav
Licensed Year(s): 2013
Summary: The goal of this project is to develop a roadmap of policy and programming to encourage labour force adaptation, and healthy community development in Nunavut with research objectives being to: 1) pinpoint areas of potential risk to regional communities from economic development; 2) delineate between programs and policy options that advance adaptation and those that mitigate the adverse side effect...

Water and Social Well-being in the Northwest Territories
Principal Investigator: Carter, Blair
Licensed Year(s): 2013
Summary: Four objectives guide this research: 1) to gain an understanding of the current water resource conditions (e.g., quality and quantity) and contextual circumstances (e.g., community culture, history, traditions) impacting local water use in the Deh Cho Region of the NWT; 2) to use a social well-being lens to unpack values that people associate with water resources in the Region; 3) to translate the...

Sexual Assault Sentencing Research Project Committee
Principal Investigator: Posynik, Jim
Licensed Year(s): 1990
Summary: The researchers will collect data from federal crown prosecutor's files and N.W.T. court files and will build from these sources of information a document which will give insight to legal professionals, policy makers and members of the public on how sexual assault cases have been viewed and handled....

Licence #5046
Principal Investigator: Orzechowska, Monika
Licensed Year(s): 1985
Summary: To take the information gathered from extensive conversations with a few key Inuit women and design a means of mapping it in order to illustrate in spatial terms their employment experiences and perceived relationship and accessibility to the Canadian state and economic development programs....