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Licence #2033
Principal Investigator: Rigler, Frank
Licensed Year(s): 1976
Summary: 1) To test the applicability of the Dillon and Rigler (1974) method of predicting the trophic status of lakes in the Sub-Arctic. 2) To modify and develop this method so accuracy and precision are improved....

Licence #2024
Principal Investigator: Wahn, M.B.
Licensed Year(s): 1976
Summary: A social Epidemiological study of the distribution of infant disease in the Northwest Territories....

Licence #2021
Principal Investigator: Sherstone, D.A.
Licensed Year(s): 1976
Summary: 1) To acquire aerial photography of hydrologic characteristics of the Mackenzie and Lower Liard River basins. 2) To acquire photography of environmentally sensititve areas along the Central Arctic gas pipeline route. 3) To acquire aerial photography of glacier research sites in the Arctic Islands area (particularly ...

Licence #2015
Principal Investigator: Smith, M.M.
Licensed Year(s): 1976
Summary: Waterfowl survey....

Licence #1976
Principal Investigator: McLean, D. M.
Licensed Year(s): 1976
Summary: 1) To define the prevalence of arboviruses pathogenic for man, especially California encephalitis virus, 2) to determine quantitive relationships between the incidence of arboviral infection in mosquito larvae, adult mosquitoes and vertebrate reservoirs of arboviral virus....

Licence #1975
Principal Investigator: Martin, Miss Linda
Licensed Year(s): 1976
Summary: To map non-legal land and resource use along a 28 km. Pipeline corridor in the Mackenzie Delta. Information to be gathered from Yellowknife government officials (i.e. archaeological sites, etc.)...

Licence #1950
Principal Investigator: Gorlick, Carolyne
Licensed Year(s): 1976
Summary: An analysis of the elementary school teacher as: a potential agent for diffusion of schooling, educational innovations and technologies; a member of the existing occupational structure of the region. An analysis of: the extent to which the educational system can compete with other institutions for potential candidates; the schools philosophy of recruitment and training of personnel; the educati...

Licence #1929
Principal Investigator: Carpenter, William J.
Licensed Year(s): 1976
Summary: Standardization of a near extinct breed of indigenous sled dog known as the Eskimo dog ( Canis familiaris borealis) and the publicaiton of a breed monograph....

Licence #1844
Principal Investigator: Rising, J.D.
Licensed Year(s): 1975
Summary: Completion of a continent wide study of geographic variation of the savannah sparrow and a general survey of the distribution and abundance of frogs and toads in the Canadian north....

Licence #1775
Principal Investigator: Ostergaard, Peter
Licensed Year(s): 1974
Summary: Study of the quality of life in the city of Yellowknife, as perceived by residents....