Physical Limnology of Romulus Lake

Regions: Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut

Tags: physical sciences, permafrost, hydrology, limnology, sedimentology

Principal Investigator: Davidge, Gillian (1)
Licence Number: 12058
Organization: Department of Geography, Queen's University
Licensed Year(s): 1992
Issued: Jan 01, 1992
Project Team: Two field assistants

Objective(s): To measure the physiochemical properties of Romulus Lake; to obtain water samples from the lake and surrounding surface streams for lab analysis; to obtain short sediment cores from the lake; to obtain active layer soil samples from surrounding terrain for lab analysis to assess affects of possible active layer inflow to lake; to carry out an EM-31 survey of surrounding terrain to assess pore water salinity variations within the permafrost;

Project Description: A limnological study of Romulus Lake (specifically temperature, salinity and suspended particulate matter) in association with the pattern of lake-ice development and inflow from the lake basin will be used to determine the effects of the modern hydrologic environment on the lake.