Broad Whitefish Population Study and Traditional Knowledge
Principal Investigator: Tallman, Ross F (5)
Licence Number: 12183
Organization: Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Licensed Year(s): 1993 1992
Issued: Jan 01, 1992
Project Team: Dr. James Reist, Dr. Terry Dick, John Babaluk

Objective(s): To determine a suite of traits that will differentiate fish stocks that enter into the broad whitefish fishery in the Mackenzie Delta; to determine inter-population variability in population traits such as growth, fecundity, age at maturity, and mortality; to develop a study of the traditional knowledge of broad whitefish and fishing in the Mackenzie River;

Project Description: The researcher and his team will conduct a collaborative project on Broad Whitefish stock abundance, migration timing, fisheries technical training and traditional knowledge. They will monitor the absolute numbers of one of the Whitefish grouping using counting fences, mark-recapture techniques and hydroacoustics.