Carbonate sedimentation in the Mesoproterozoic Bylot Supergroup (Baffin Island, N.W.T.) and its influence on microbialite microstructure.
Principal Investigator: Kah, Linda (3)
Licence Number: 12331
Organization: Harvard University
Licensed Year(s): 1994 1993
Issued: Jan 01, 1993
Project Team: one field assistant (to be determined)

Objective(s): By exploring sediments and the fossilized remains of reefs of Baffin Island, the researcher will attempt to discern the past physical environment of blue-green algae communities. The study will assess ancient ocean chemistry, origins of carbonate sediments and the evolution of reef growth by examining the structure, form and chemistry of cements of the fossilized reefs.

Project Description: Stromatolites are variously shaped mounds or reefs composed of sediments and the fossilized remains of single-celled marine organisms called blue-green algae. There are massive fossil reefs located on Baffin Island which are some of the largest known of their age. By studying the structure, form and chemical make-up of these reefs, information about the ancient ocean and the growth of ancient reefs in the Baffin region can be collected.