Characteristics of the spring waterfowl hunt in the Mackenzie Delta

Regions: Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Tags: social sciences, biology, harvest, birds, reproduction, waterfowl

Principal Investigator: Bromley, Robert G. (1)
Licence Number: 12399
Organization: Department of Renewable Resources, GNWT
Licensed Year(s): 1993
Issued: Jan 01, 1993
Project Team: L. Day, W. Simon, L. Rogers

Objective(s): To determine: (1) the sex, age and species composition of the harvest; (2) the reproductive status of adult-plumaged birds; and (3) the factors affecting the size of the harvest.

Project Description: The researcher is interested in determining how many and what kinds of ducks, geese and swans are shot in the spring, as well as how many of the adult females harvested have eggs developing in them. This research has received a Wildlife Research Permit # WL 001432. A licence from the Science Institute is issued in order that the researcher can receive support from the Inuvik Research Centre.