Assessment of seaweed species in the Whale Cove area

Regions: Kivalliq Region, Nunavut

Tags: social sciences, economics, biology, aquatic plants, aquaculture

Principal Investigator: Copland, Ian (2)
Licence Number: 12579
Organization: Kivalliq Land and Sea Resources
Licensed Year(s): 1994
Issued: Jan 01, 1994
Project Team: L. Druehl, Canadian Kelp Resources Ltd.

Objective(s): To determine the quantity and types of seaweed found in the Whale Cove area; to assess potential products and commercial uses for seaweed; to explore seaweed farming methods as a means of obtaining kelp; to determine appropriate methods of seaweed production for a local industry.

Project Description: The researchers will conduct an inventory of the local seaweed stocks found within a 12-mile radius of Whale Cove. Samples of seaweed will be collected from areas with different habitat (e.g., solid rock seabed, cobble seabed, etc.) to determine species type, and plant size and maturity. In addition, a collection device (called a `drag') will be used to gather larger samples of seaweed in order to determine relative numbers of each species for harvesting purposes.