An evaluation of water management studies and their application to policy development in the Mackenzie Delta
Principal Investigator: Sprecher, Brent (1)
Licence Number: 12591
Organization: University of Calgary
Licensed Year(s): 1994
Issued: Jan 01, 1994
Project Team: self

Objective(s): To summarize and review major studies conducted in relation to water management in the Mackenzie Delta; to describe four current studies in detail; to perform a comparative review of these four studies in an attempt to assess their ability to produce, influence or implement policy changes.

Project Description: The researcher will visit Yellowknife to collect information on northern water management and climate change. Interviews will be conducted with interested researchers. In addition, the researcher will attend the Mackenzie Basin Impact Study (MBIS) annual meeting to discuss the administration and structure of this large research program with MBIS members. This study will examine the role that such studies play in contributing to policy development or change.