Petrology, Mineralogy and Structural Geology of Martin Frobisher's Ores

Regions: Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut

Tags: physical sciences, geological mapping, geology, petrology, rock, mineralogy

Principal Investigator: Hogarth, D.D. (3)
Licence Number: 12702
Organization: University of Ottawa
Licensed Year(s): 1994 1992 1991
Issued: Jan 01, 1994
Project Team: Dr. R. Auger, I. Nowdluk

Objective(s): To investigate the well exposed Precambrian rock, as an assemblage of ophiolite splinters of which Frobisher's "black ore" seems to form a part; and to bottom the trench with a small test pit in an attempt to provide new insight into the purpose of the trench: was it truly a mine, a drydock or both?

Project Description: A geological map will be made and specimens of both "ores" and surrounding rock will be collected at Kodlunarn Island and Beare Sound. The rocks will be analyzed for normal rock-forming constituents and precious/platinum metals. Minerals will be analyzed by microprobe. The researcher will do this in order to detrmine if the Beare Sound ores belong to the same suite of metals as the Kodlunarn Island metals and to document Frobisher's mine.