An Application and Evaluation of Parks Canada's Visitor Risk Assessment Model in a Northern Canadian National Park - the Case of Nahanni National Park

Regions: Dehcho Region

Tags: risk assessment, national parks

Principal Investigator: Gray, Dyan (1)
Licence Number: 12716
Organization: University of Ottawa
Licensed Year(s): 1994
Issued: Jan 01, 1994
Project Team: P. Wiason

Objective(s): To assess the applicability of the Parks Canada "Risk Assessment Model to the case of a Northern Park; and to determine the sucess with which this model can be applied to a Northern Park.

Project Description: Field work will be conducted in two phases: one phase will involve consulting existing public safety incident reports at the Parks Canada office in Fort Simpson and collecting data. No personal data will be collected. Phase two involves travelling the Nahanni River corridor by canoe and recording observed data pertaining to natural, cultural and visitor related hazards.