Dene Healing and Wellness

Regions: Sahtu Settlement Area

Tags: wellness, dene culture, traditional knowledge, healing

Principal Investigator: Fajber, Elizabeth (3)
Licence Number: 12794
Organization: McGill University
Licensed Year(s): 1995
Issued: Jan 01, 1995
Project Team: self

Objective(s): To investigate the significance of the evolving sense of the term `healing' and `wellness' to Dene of the Western Sub-Arctic; to explore how healing has become a powerful symbol in Dene movements towards self-determination and the correlation between Dene healing and asserting Dene rights and traditons. Special interest is in the significance of gender relations in this healing movement.

Project Description: The researcher will investigate the issues using qualitative, community-based, collaborative research methods. Research tools include semi-structured and unstructured interviews with consenting informants. Also, involvement both in formal community meetings and political assemblies, and in informal daily activities of Dene in the community will enhance the researcher's understanding of the healing movement and of Dene lifeways.