Collection of Dwarf Willow (Salix Sp.) Specimens for Research on Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations.

Regions: Sahtu Settlement Area

Tags: vegetation, forestry, carbon dioxide

Principal Investigator: Ash, Neville (1)
Licence Number: 12795
Organization: Sheffield University
Licensed Year(s): 1995
Issued: Jan 01, 1995
Project Team: A. Hall, M. Shearer, T. Webb, P. Coyle, Z. Ford, M. Gardiner, P. Harper, F. Johnston, D. Machim, L. Stewart, B. van Kesteren

Objective(s): To collect specimens of Dwarf Willow (Salix Sp.) and study the stomatal density of their leaves. Comparison of these with mid-latitude samples will contribute to work by the Global Plant Ecology Unit, University of Sheffield, into atmopheric CO2 concentrations during the late glacial period (12,000 Yrs. BP). Of interest is the CO2 partial pressure-stomatal density response.

Project Description: The researchers will field collect and preserve dwarf willow leaf specimens. Further, note will be made of habitat of specimens (aspect; slope angle; drainage; accompanying vegetation; etc). Site locations will be determined using a global positioning system altitude/latitude/longitude) for map plotting. Samples will be analysed on return to the United Kingdom for leaf stomatal density (an indicator of atmospheric CO2 concentrations).