Enviornmental assessment/monitoring studies of the aquatic resources in the Lac De Gras area.
Principal Investigator: Reed, Shawna (4)
Licence Number: 12796
Organization: Rescan Environmental Services Ltd.; BHP Diamonds Ltd.
Licensed Year(s): 1995
Issued: Jan 01, 1995
Project Team: Rescan Employees

Objective(s): As part of the ongoing environmental monitoring studies of the lakes and streams affected by diamond mine development, assesment and monitoring of seasonal trends in diversity, distribution and abundance of aquatic biota as well as fish habit utilization will be will be carried out.

Project Description: The researchers will be utilizing the following techniques for assessing aquatic biota and fish habitat utilization: gillnetting (various sizes and meshes), trapnetting (mark-recapture program), minnow-trapping and electroshocking (backpack model). A select number of fish will also be retained for aging (using otoliths), tissue metals concentration and diet analysis.