Kennedy Lake Project - 1996 Aquatic Studies
Principal Investigator: Pattenden, Rick (1)
Licence Number: 12862
Organization: R.R. & L. Environmental Services Ltd.
Licensed Year(s): 1996
Issued: Jun 06, 1996
Project Team: Staff of R.R.& L Environmental Services Ltd.

Objective(s): To collect baseline information on the aquatic biological system in the Kennedy Lake drainage. Data are being collected as part of a baseline inventory program in preparation for possible mining development in the area. Data will be collected on limnology, plankton, benthic macro invertebrates, and fish. The 1996 inventories are part of a baseline monitoring program that is anticipated to last three years.

Project Description: The field program will be conducted during three sampling periods (spring, summer and fall). Lakes and streams in the immediate vicinity of the potential mine site will be examined. Sampling techniques will include angling, snorkeling, backpack electrofishing, beach seining, minnow traps and gill netting for fish. Plankton nets and eckman dredges will be used to collect plankton and benthic macro invertebrates. Tissue samples will be taken from a small number of fish (sacrificed) for analysis of background metal concentrations. Transportation to base camp by fixed wing aircraft out of Yellowknife. Transportation to sampling sites will be by helicopter.