Delineation of Komokuk Beach (BAR-1), and Nicholson Peninsula (BAR-4).
Principal Investigator: Reimer, Kenneth J. (3)
Licence Number: 12921
Organization: Royal Military College of Canada, Environmental Services Group & UMA Engineering
Licensed Year(s): 1997
Issued: Jun 19, 1997
Project Team: Environmental Sciences Group: J. Rogers, W. Ingham, S.Englander, B. Zeeb, A. Liddiard, & D. Noonan; UMA Engineering: A. Washuta, R. Schmidtke, K. Staftfeld, E. Schulz, N. Plato, B. Fedorak, R. Merkosky, R. Nichol, M. Brolsma

Objective(s): Delineate areas of known contamination and to investigate areas of suspected contamination at BAR-1 and BAR-4. At PIN-M we will conduct confirmatory testing in areas previously identified for soil excavation. In addition to delineating areas of known contamination, we will continue investigations of suspected areas of contamination in order to identify all chemical contamination present at the sites. Investigations will also be directed at assessing contaminant migration, ecosystem impact, and potential for in situ bioremediation. A team from UMA Engineering will survey sampling locations of Environmental Services Group and inspect buildings & building components and verify debris areas.

Project Description: The Environmental Services Group has been requested by Defence Construction Canada and DCLU, to continue conducting environmental investigations of former DEW Line sites. Personnel will collect soil, sediment, plant, water, paintchips and insulation samples from areas of suspected or known contamination. The samples will be analyzed for inorganic elements and PCB's. In addition a small-scale bioremediation project will be conducted at BAR-1 using naturally occurring microbes in hydrocarbon contaminated soil. UMA will conduct engineering site investigations to prepare these sites for future cleanup. This will involve surveying any areas of contaminated soil, assess buildings and evaluate burrow sources to design the cleanup specifications of the sites. A local outfitter has been hired to outfit the camp.