Caribou Habitat Project and Placenames Habitat Project
Principal Investigator: Legat, Allice (3)
Licence Number: 12942
Organization: Gagos Social Analysts
Licensed Year(s): 1997
Issued: Aug 26, 1997
Project Team: Sally Ann Zoe, Madelaine Chocolate, Georgina Chocolate, Bobby Gon

Objective(s): The Dogrib Renewable Resource Council (DRRC) requested that research be done on caribou, particularly their migration routes and the importance of the habitat to caribou movement. This research will provide concrete indigenous knowledge on the environment and the wildlife that inhabit it and ensure the future protection of caribou. The DRRC also requested research on Dogrib traditional knowledge on habitat. Baseline data will be collected from which to monitor environmental changes to Dogrib traditional territories for the purpose of managing habitat & wildlife on Dogrib territory.

Project Description: Researchers will interview elders throughout the Dogrib region. Interviews will be taped, translated and transcribed. Data is collected using the participatory action research (PAR) method which ensures Dogrib ownership and direction of the project and provides researchers with research skills. Researchers are being trained in GIS/database installation. The project is being conducted under the authority of the Community Elder's Committee, and the final report will be read to the Committee for verification. Copies of the final report will be forwarded to all Dogrib schools.