Connecting the North: Northern Aboriginal Peoples Advocate for a Northern Information Highway

Regions: North Slave Region

Tags: social sciences, communication, internet

Principal Investigator: Matiation, Nicole (1)
Licence Number: 12961
Organization: Concordia University
Licensed Year(s): 1998
Issued: May 20, 1998
Project Team: self

Objective(s): To gather information with regards to the development of the information highway in Northern Canada through in-person interviews with major Northern stakeholders and users of information highway services located in Yellowknife and Rae-Edzo, NT as well as Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. This research is part of a Master's thesis in Media Studies which examines the development of the information highways in the north in terms of a public policy process involving public consultation.

Project Description: Examination of "Connecting the North" symposium held in 1994, as a watershed event within the historical continuum of First Peoples' activism in communications technology and content in Canada's North. The researcher will trace the role of this symposium in shaping stakeholders' and government discourse relative to policy issues. Also will be looking at actual outcomes such as the creation of Ardicom, projects for community access, education and health and will analyze them in relation to proposed projects at "Connecting the North". Interviews will be conducted and informed consent obtained. The interviews will be recorded on audiotaped. Informants not wishing to be identified may indicate this on the consent form and their interview/comments will be numbered and labeled by location. The information will be used in the researchers Master's thesis and copies will be made available to all communities as well as a final report.