Inuvik Regional Human Contaminants Monitoring Program

Regions: Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Tags: contaminants, health, bioaccumulation, heavy metal, pregnancy, prenatal health, organochlorines

Principal Investigator: MacNeil, Chuck (3)
Licence Number: 13086
Organization: Inuvik Regional Health & Social Services Board
Licensed Year(s): 2000 1999 1998
Issued: Jan 19, 2000
Project Team: Karen Tofflemire, Bill Wrathall, Dr. E. Wein, Dr. O. Receveur , Dr. L. Chan and Dr. Valoree Walker

Objective(s): Evidence for the presence of environmental contaminants in the NWT, and trace levels in NWT residents were comprehensively documented in the Canadian Arctic Contaminants Assessment Report (DIAND, 1997). Baseline exposure assessments have been completed i

Project Description: The Inuvik Regional Human Contaminants Monitoring Program has finished sampling maternal scalp hair for methyl mercury analysis, and checking maternal and umbilical cord blood for certain organochlorines and metals. The communications phase is now beginning. As of March 2000 participants will have the option to review their medical health records and obtain their personal results. The compiled results will be provided to the GNWT Health and Social Services for inclusion in the Territorial Baseline Database. Community presentations will provide public forums for discussing overall regional results, general education and information sharing.