Spring Melt Hydrological Investigations at Daring Lake, N.W.T.
Principal Investigator: English, Michael C (24)
Licence Number: 13121
Organization: Cold Regions Research Centre
Licensed Year(s): 2003 2002 2001 2000
Issued: Jun 05, 2000
Project Team: Dave Turcotte, Aaron Holmes.

Objective(s): The Slave Geological Province (which Daring and Yamba Lakes are included in) has a high concentration of mineral deposits of significant economic interest, including gold and diamonds. The Indian and Northern Affairs Canada department is interested in e

Project Description: Tthe objective of this study is to continue research examining the hydrological and energy budget of small arctic esker lake basin during the spring melt period. The intent of this research is to understand the relationship between the energy budget and changes in soil moisture, rates of evapotranspiration, and changes in water discharge from a small tundra basin underlain by permafrost. Transportation will be by helicopter based out of the Ekati diamond mine to the Tundra Ecosystem Research Station (TERS) at Daring Lake. Equipment installed in the previous field season will be used.