Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Principal Investigator: Aiken, Susan (7)
Licence Number: 13198
Organization: Canadian Museum of Nature
Licensed Year(s): 2001 1999
Issued: May 29, 2001
Project Team: Anne Brysting

Objective(s): The purpose of this project is to update the last work on the plants of the Canadian far north "Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago" which was published in 1957 by A.E. Porsild. This older work is out of date, contains few details useful for identifying plants, and contains only black and white line drawings and maps. Data for work currently underway is being gathered in electronic database format that can be accessed interactively by computer for plant identifications. Previously, the research team has focussed its efforts on plant species found in Aulavik National Park. During this season, however, the team will examine a specific grass, Dupontia, which is found in Tuktoyaktuk, to determine whether it is sufficiently different to be considered a distinct species.

Project Description: The research team will be based in Tuktoyaktuk, and travel by scheduled flight from Inuvik. No field camps will be used, and all transport in the field will be on foot. Data will be collected primarily through photographic documentation of both the plants of interest, and the typical environments in which these plants are found. A single voucher specimen of each plant photographed will be maintained, for both the scientific record and for DNA analysis to be carried out when the research team returns to the laboratory.