Geology of the Walmsley Lake area

Regions: North Slave Region

Tags: physical sciences, geological mapping, geology

Principal Investigator: MacLachlan, Kate (2)
Licence Number: 13309
Organization: Geological Survey of Canada
Licensed Year(s): 2002 2001
Issued: Jun 01, 2002
Project Team: Carolyn Re

Objective(s): This project is being carried out collaboratively by the Geological Suvey of Canada in Ottawa and the C.S. Lord Northern Geoscience Centre in Yellowknife, and is aimed at upgrading our knowledge of the geology of the Walmsley Lake map sheet. The work will contribute to a better understanding of the geological history of the Slave Province (which extends from Rae Edzo in the west, to East Arm of Great Slave Lake, and north to Coronation Gulf), and provide baseline geological data for exploration companies working in the area (baseline data can be used for evaluating mineral potential and predicting such things as acid rock drainage). In addition, we are collecting information on glacial deposits in the area.