Thebacha Campus: An Examination of a Learning Community
Principal Investigator: Pope, Liz (1)
Licence Number: 13310
Organization: University of Saskatchewan
Licensed Year(s): 2002
Issued: May 12, 2002
Project Team: Dr. Sheila

Objective(s): Organizations get farther if there is a unified effort. A learning community starts with a commitment to improve. This research topic is a broad investigation of creating a community to promote building a learning community in an educational institution. The purpose of this research project is to examine a learning community by collecting the insights of the Thebacha Campus community through an appreciative framework. In a qualitative study, the researcher will engage in semi-structured paired interviews with about 20-30 staff. Focus groups will be used to expand on and clarify the data collected using methods of Appreciative Inquiry. The results of these semi-structured interviews and focus groups will be analyzed to determine: 1) what elements in a community exist at the Campus, 2) what processes for building community/building teams exist at the Campus, 3) what climate conditions did they appreciate and 4) what climate would they like to have present at the Campus. The findings of this study will be used to suggest changes, alternatives or improvements to current climate conditions to build interpersonal capacity for a learning community.