Preliminary Reconnaissance of Wildlife and Vegetation of the Proposed Sahyoue/Edacho National Historic Park, Edacho Portion, Great Bear Lake, NT
Principal Investigator: Moore, Steve M (6)
Licence Number: 13317
Organization: EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.
Licensed Year(s): 2002 2001 2000
Issued: May 21, 2002
Project Team: Bas Oosenb

Objective(s): The objective is to document terrestrial wildlife in the study area (Sahyoue Peninsula, Great Bear Lake) and classify vegetation to ecosystem units. All mammal and bird species or their sign will be recorded, with emphasis on caribou, grizzly bears, wolverines, wolves, foxes, breeding birds, raptors and waterfowl. In addition to these animals, main vegetation types as determined from air photo-interpretation will be ground truthed. The project rationale is to gather baseline information on wildlife and vegetation to help fulfill step 5 of the protected areas strategy process.