Fisheries Studies For 2002 Aquatic Effects Monitoring Program
Principal Investigator: Landry, Francois (3)
Licence Number: 13380
Organization: Rescan Environmental Services Ltd.
Licensed Year(s): 2002
Issued: Aug 08, 2002
Project Team: Jonathan O

Objective(s): The field work is intended to provide baseline fisheries data for four lakes (Horseshoe, Toss, Fay and Logan) and to obtain post-baseline fisheries data on eight lakes (Vulture, Kodiak, Nema, Cujo, Nanuq, Counts, and Slipper) within the Ekati claimblock as part of BHP Billiton's Aquatic Effects Monitoring Program. This work will assess effects that mining may have on fish communities within these lakes. To properly assess effects, data to be collected includes physical fish characteristics (weight, length, age), as well as tissue samples for metals analysis. Fish densities as well as indicators of health will be estimated from the data collected, allowing further assessment of potential mining impacts.