Investigation of factors affecting high mercury levels in fish in lakes in the Mackenzie River Basin (2002-2003)

Regions: Sahtu Settlement Area, Dehcho Region

Tags: physical sciences, contaminants, mercury, limnology, sediment, water chemistry, plankton, organic contaminants

Principal Investigator: Evans, Marlene S. (42)
Licence Number: 13408
Organization: National Water Research Institute
Licensed Year(s): 2003 1998
Issued: Mar 20, 2003
Project Team: Jonathan K

Objective(s): This study is based on earlier research conducted by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans which found that fish in many lakes in the Mackenzie River Basin had high mercury concentrations. This study examines the environment in which the fish live in order to find out why mercury is high in fish in some, but not all lakes. Measurements that are taken include lake depth, temperature, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. Water and mud samples will be analysed for certain biological (e.g., plankton) and chemical (e.g., mercury) parameters. Fish will be analysed for mercury and organic contaminant concentrations and stable isotopes.