Gwich'in Settlement Region Heritage Resources Project
Principal Investigator: Fafard, MÚlanie (1)
Licence Number: 13416
Organization: Department of Anthropology, University of Alberta
Licensed Year(s): 2003 2002 2001 2000
Issued: Apr 10, 2003
Project Team: Leslie McC

Objective(s): The aim of this project is to examine, in collaboration with the Gwich'in Social and Cultural Institute (GSCI), how the Gwich'in define heritage and how they wish to preserve and foster an appreciation of that heritage. The focus is particularly on heritage resources. Information about heritage management and the value placed upon heritage by the Gwich'in will be collected through a series of interviews with members of the Tetl'it Gwich'in First Nation, particularly elders. The national historic site designation that was initiated in November 2002 will be continued. The project will contribute to a better understanding of what the Gwich'in value as heritage and what measures they wish to take with respect to their cultural resources. This knowledge will help the Gwich'in make choices concerning the management of their cultural heritage and of their lands in general, thus contributing to the diffusion and preservation of Tetl'it Gwich'in history and culture. Information collected will become part of the GSCI Archives and made available to the Gwich'in.