2003 Field Reconnaissance - Deh Cho Region
Principal Investigator: Graburn, Larry (26)
Licence Number: 13468
Organization: ColtKBR
Licensed Year(s): 2004 2003
Issued: Jun 27, 2003
Project Team: Dale Babal

Objective(s): The objective of this field reconnaissance program is to conduct preliminary site investigations of potential barge sites, camp sites, stockpile sites, compressor locations, watercourse crossings, water sources for ice road construction and potential campsites, borrow sources including granular deposits and bedrock, and confirmation of access routes to all of these sites. This information is required to document the sites that may be used in support of the construction of the Mackenzie Gas Project. Environmentally and archaeologically sensitive areas will be avoided during helicopter landings. This work will involve approximately 65 helicopter flights, with each flight comprised of up to 12 hours of flying time. The length of time on the ground at any site will not exceed 4 hours. Non-intrusive examinations, including shallow hand dug test pits (no larger than 2m x 2m x 1m deep), may be carried out. These will be returned to as near as possible to their original state. The site visits will involve 5-7 people, including a Deh Cho representative and the helicopter pilot. Three additional fixed wing aircraft and helicopter flights will be required to conduct Light Detection and Radar surveys, High Resolution Aeromagnetic surveys and Airborne Electromagnetic surveys. Not all approvals from community organizations were received. Ongoing consultation is recommended.