Surficial Geology Mapping Fort Norman (96C), Blackwater Lake (96B), Mahoney Lake (96F)
Principal Investigator: Duk-Rodkin, Alejandra ADR (6)
Licence Number: 13542
Organization: Geological Survey of Canada
Licensed Year(s): 2003
Issued: Aug 14, 2003
Project Team: David Morr

Objective(s): This project aims to obtain a better understanding of the sensitivity of slopes to disturbance from development, especially in the context of progressive climate warming. It will also identify baseline levels for natural and anthropogenic contaminants, transport mechanisms and development of transport process models. Information from this study will enable predictions of the impacts of climate change on the terrain and infrastructure. The project involves surficial geology mapping of unmapped areas near Tulita, in areas to the south and east of already-mapped areas. This information will be used to assess: 1) granular resources; 2) slope instability, landslide occurrence and potential due mainly to instability of the active layer, forest fires and erosion; 3) geochemical analysis on a regional basis of till and gravel samples collected during mapping; and 4) geochemistry of peat deposits to determine the input of geogenic and/or anthropogenic metal mobilization along the proposed pipeline right-of-way. As per the request of the Tulita Land Corporation, the project leader is advised to carry out further consultation with appropriate organizations in Tulita and Norman Wells.