CAnadian NOrthwest Experiment (CANOE)

Regions: Dehcho Region

Tags: physical sciences, geology, seismology

Principal Investigator: Bostock, Michael (2)
Licence Number: 13643
Organization: University of British Columbia
Licensed Year(s): 2004 2003
Issued: Jun 01, 2004
Project Team: Andy Langl

Objective(s): The objective of the CANOE project is to understand the deep structure of the Earth by using recordings of distant earthquakes (from e.g., Japan, Fiji, Alaska, Mexico, Chile, Italy, Turkey). This is a collaborative research program involving scientists from several universities in Canada and the United States. Information from this program will enhance the understanding of how the North American continent has grown and evolved over the past 4 billion years. It will also allow researchers to see deep into the Earth to depths of 3000 km to understand how the motions in the interior of our planet have created features like the Hawaiian Islands. The work in 2004 involves installing seismometers at 12 stations along the Liard Highway and Mackenzie Highway to record earthquake events from around the world. These will comprise part of a larger network of earthquake sensors. This work is unrelated to the exploration for hydrocarbons.