Determining Sensitive Areas and Appropriate Management Practices for the North Karst
Principal Investigator: Hayes, Sharon (1)
Licence Number: 13656
Organization: Parks Canada/Royal Roads University
Licensed Year(s): 2004
Issued: Jun 04, 2004
Project Team: Derek Ford

Objective(s): Boundary expansion processes for Nahanni National Park Reserve have identified the North Karst as an area of considerable interest. This area is significant for its elaborate assemblages of landforms, its individual landforms and its inhibition of the largest natural rock labyrinth reported anywhere in the world. Consideration must be made to the fragility of the karst ecosystem(s) and to the most appropriate management practices for future use. This research project will focus on the unique natural and recreational attributes of karst resources and the sensitivity of these features to human use. Through literature reviews and field reconnaissance, an incorporation of historical data with current input will be used to identify the conservation value of karst features and their sensitivity to human use activities. Surface karst features will be rated against evaluations made from previous researchers and using a qualitative system to determine their significance. Cave features will be assessed and classified separately on a three-tier system currently being developed by Parks Canada. Information gathered will be used to provide sustainable management options for visitor use in the area. Field reconnaissance will be done in August at Death Lake and Canal Canyon, and in and around the Poljes, and an aerial survey by helicopter will also be conducted. There will be no collection of natural or cultural resources for this research, but they will be documented by GPS and photographed.