Assessment of Impacts of Mackenzie Delta Petroleum Activities on Aquatic Ecosystem Health, Year 1: Lakes (Parsons Lake Anchor Site)
Principal Investigator: Halliwell, Douglas (2)
Licence Number: 13715
Organization: Environment Canada
Licensed Year(s): 2004
Issued: Aug 23, 2004
Project Team: Dr. Marlen

Objective(s): The objectives of this program are; 1) to characterize baseline water, sediment, and benthic invertebrate conditions in one experimental lake (Parsons Lake) and two control lakes near the Mackenzie Gas Project's (MGP) Parsons Lake Anchor Site; 2) to choose appropriate sampling media and variables which will be useful in future monitoring of anticipated impacts of MGP petroleum activities on aquatic ecosystem health in lakes due to camps' domestic sewage, drilling activities, access roads, etc.; and 3) to enter, store and manage this new data (along with existing data) in a tested information management system/geographic information system using industry standard database and GIS software.