Documenting Sustainable Initiatives in First Nations
Principal Investigator: Edward, Christine (1)
Licence Number: 13735
Organization: Centre for Indigenous Environmental Research (CIER)
Licensed Year(s): 2004
Issued: Nov 04, 2004
Project Team: Pete Berna

Objective(s): The objectives of the research are: 1) to provide First Nations with examples of sustainable initiatives and the processes and conditions that resulted in (or hindered) the initiatives; 2) to provide First Nations that have initiatives with an opportunity to share their experiences; and 3) to help Indian and Northern Affairs Canada and other organizations to better meet the needs of First Nations when developing and implementing priorities, policies, programs, and plans. Using the information gained from the research project, the researchers will develop a user friendly and integrated set of information resources for use by First Nations, external advisors, and governments across Canada. The final products will include: a magazine style document for First Nations communities, a report style document, a pamphlet/card to promote products, a short video, a web site and a CD. This research is national in scope. In the NWT, the research team will visit Wha Ti to discuss the Community Energy Plan.