2005 Spring Break-up Watercourse Investigation Program - Deh Cho Region
Principal Investigator: Graburn, Larry (26)
Licence Number: 13768
Organization: ColtKBR
Licensed Year(s): 2005 2004
Issued: Apr 08, 2005
Project Team: Hydrologic

Objective(s): This research forms part of an aerial reconnaissance program to observe the characteristic break-up patterns at selected watercourse crossings along the proposed pipeline right-of-way from the Deh Cho region in the south to the Inuvialuit Settlement Region in the north. The objective of this program is to gather information during the late winter and spring break-up periods that will assist in the engineering design of watercourse crossings for the Mackenzie Gas Project. The program will include the following studies: an assessment of the effects of ice conditions for a distance of 2 km upstream and downstream of the proposed pipeline centreline; an assessment of the effects of ice on all banks and channels; observation of the distribution and winter flow volumes within the channels; determination of the amount of snow cover in the immediate vicinity of the proposed crossing area; determination of any evidence of water spring activity within the banks and on the adjacent valley slopes, and temperature measurements from existing ground temperature monitoring devices located near watercourses. The information obtained will be used to assess the feasibility of a pipeline in the Mackenzie Valley and for preparing subsequent regulatory applications.