Pointed Mountain, NWT, BP Canada Energy Company
Principal Investigator: Johnson, Pascale (1)
Licence Number: 13809
Organization: Alpine Environmental
Licensed Year(s): 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002
Issued: May 19, 2005
Project Team: Larry Stone (Environmental Project Lead, BP Canada Energy Company), Andrew Higgins (Environmental Project Coordinator, Colt Engineering Corporation), Frank Kotchea (Environmental Technician, Nahendeh Land and Environmental Services), Samantha Miller (Environmental Consultant, Alpine Environmental ), Pascale Johnson (Environmental Consultant, Alpine Environmental), David Alberti (Environmental Consultant, Alpine Environmental), Scott Morton (Environmental Consultant, Alpine Environmental)

Project Description: The Pointed Mountain Gas Plant, six associated wellsites, and the airstrip are being assessed during the decommissioning process. The site was initially constructed in 1966. The plant has been shut down since September 2001. The Pointed Mountain field has had soil, groundwater, and surface water assessed since 1990. Previous environmental work and public consultation at this site have identified several key areas of concern. The objective of the 2005 assessment is to monitor and sample surface and groundwater for water quality, as part of the larger site decommissioning program. Groundwater monitoring wells are installed at four of the wellsites, the gas plant, and the airstrip. These wells will be monitored and sampled to determine the surface and groundwater quality and determine if there are changes in various parameters between the years.

A Nahendeh employee, a member of the Deh Cho community, will be assisting the Alpine representatives on-site. This person will receive training for future environmental projects while on site. Results will be discussed with leaders of the local community during open houses and other consultation forums. Results will be submitted to the MVLWB and available on their website.
The study will be conducted at the Pointed Mountain Plant Site, west-northwest of Fort Liard (60o23'N, 123o49'W).