Morphological Diversity of Lake Trout: Differentiation Between Deep and Shallow Forms
Principal Investigator: Eshenroder, Randy (1)
Licence Number: 13860
Organization: Great Lakes Fishery Commission
Licensed Year(s): 2005
Issued: Jun 24, 2005
Project Team: Randy Eshenroder (Principal Investigator, Great Lakes Fishery Commission), Charles Krueger (Co-Principal Investigator, Great Lakes Fishery Commission)

Project Description: The objective of this study is to determine whether a deep-water type of lake trout resembling the “humper” of Lake Superior lives on offshore reefs in Great Slave Lake, as they do in Lake Superior. The researchers have also found humper-like trout in Great Bear Lake and in Lake Mistassini, Quebec. In Great Slave Lake, the researchers intend to target offshore reefs surrounded by deep water (deeper than 100 m). The team will be giving any ciscoes caught to Dr. Reist, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, for his studies. The research team will fish using gill nets (2” to 4.5” by 0.5” stretch-mesh intervals) in deep water from small boats.

The research team will hire a guide from Lutsel K’e. The researchers will provide to the Lands, Wildlife and Environment Office in Lutsel K'e a trip report within 90 days of the completion of the fieldwork and all relevant reprints of published scientific articles. The researchers will also hold a public showing of their program and results while they are in Lutsel K’e this summer.

The study will be conducted in the deep waters of the East Arm of Great Slave Lake, in the vicinity of Lutsel K'e, from August 4 to August 31, 2005.