Enhanced sewage treatment using aeration technology

Regions: North Slave Region

Tags: engineering, northern community, wastewater treatment

Principal Investigator: Stone, Ivy (1)
Licence Number: 13921
Organization: Environment Canada
Licensed Year(s): 2006 2005
Issued: Oct 31, 2005
Project Team: Anne Wilson (Expert advice and analysis of data, Environment Canada), Rachel Crapeau (Community Liasion, Yellowknives Dene First Nation)

Project Description: Sewage and/or wastewater treatment can be expensive and problematic in the North. The researchers are interested in testing untried technology in the North on a test-case basis to determine its efficacy and potential benefits to northern communities in terms of reduced economic burden and increased environmental benefits.

The community in Dettah would be a test-case for improved and more efficient sewage treatment. This could result in lower costs to the community and less environmental degradation associated with effluent discharge. Researchers will travel by truck from Yellowknife to the Dettah wastewater treatment facility to collect samples for baseline information, to install the aeration unit and to regularly collect samples from decant water in the holding lagoon. The aeration unit is technology that has been used in the south for similar treatment purposes but it has not been used in the Northwest Territories to the researchers’ knowledge. A power source will be needed to operate the aeration unit. This will be provided by a temporary power line from Dettah or, if possible, using a wind-generated turbine manufactured specifically for the aeration unit.

The results of this study will be communicated via community presentations in Dettah, and if it is determined that this is technology that would benefit other northern communities, other municipalities will be actively encouraged to adopt similar technologies.
The study will be conducted from November to December, 2005 at the Dettah sewage lagoon.